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Best Agency Websites 2019

A lot of my time as a web designer is spent looking at other amazing websites 💻 it’s also one of my favorite parts of the job!

One of the important jobs each of us have, as designers, marketers, developers, or entrepreneurs, is to stay current and push what you’re capable of, and what your agency’s brand looks like.

And that starts with your website!

So here’s my top list of agency websites in hopes they can inspire you to create your own.


Here is an amazing agency website by the people over at Humaan
I love the letter motif they use for their home page and case studies 🤩


Here is another mind blowing agency website by Stereo (I believe they’re french 🇫🇷)
You HAVE to see the CRAZY early 2000’s internet themed version they included as an easter egg 🤣


It’s a little too soon to pick favorites but this website by Buzz Worthy Studio is definitely one of the best agency sites I’ve seen in a while.

The case study pages are super well built, the animations all seem very thoughtful, and the floating GIFs make it super memorable.

It’s going to be hard going back to not using GIFs in my designs after this 😂


This amazing agency website experience is a personal favorite of mine by the talented people over at Haus.
I’m a huge fan of the trippy tessellation effect and the super intuitive portfolio experience.


Super clean and minimal portfolio experience by District2 Studio
The home page slider forces the user to focus on the work, which leads them through some awesome case study pages.


Gotta give props to the people who built the Huge website, it’s an amazing portfolio experience for an agency.

When you toggle the menu you can preview the page you hover over which is an interesting feature I haven’t seen much of.

I especially love the branded case study pages. It really makes each page feel like it’s telling a unique story.


The Madwell website is a great example of a super creative agency website.

Not only is the illustration for the home page amazingly detailed, the small interactions on their about page really shows that they’re capable of creating truly unique digital experiences.


The Hello Monday website is an amazing mix of illustrations, animations, and delightful interactions all around.

I especially love how alive everything feels, and the simple yet robust case study pages are awe-inspiring to say the least.


You’ve got to give it up to The Mads Agency for their super unique home page experience.

Really beautifully illustrated, animated, and implemented. The best feature of this site is that when you reach the bottom of a page, it will automatically load another for you so that the user never has to make a choice. They can just keep working through the website with just a few simple scrolls.

Those are my top picks! What did you think?

If you have an agency with a really great website let me know in the comments below!

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